Simple Change, Big Results

Want to get your customers to print more this month? Present them with the opportunities offered by QR codes.

Design requirements for adding QR codes to print are minimal. Simpy use a free QR code generator, download the .jpg or .png, and find space to put a 1×1-inch square. The result could be a complete reprint of their corporate identity materials and marketing collateral.

QR codes are barcodes that look like boxes of black-and-white squares. People with cellphone Internet access and QR code reader software simply point to the codes and take a picture. They are automatically directed to a website with a promotional offer or other marketing content.

QR codes are one of the hottest applications being talked about in marketing today. They are everywhere in Europe and Japan, and they are just now starting to take serious hold in the United States.

They hold a lot of appeal for reaching mobile, tech-savvy consumers. Who has time to stop and jot down a URL on a poster? Or manually type in someone’s contact information into your cellphone? Instead, just point and click on the run. QR codes remove one of the biggest barriers to response — time and effort. Their value is easy to understand.

On your next sales call, try suggesting the addition of QR codes to all of clients’ corporate identity materials and marketing collateral. Especially if they have been thinking about updating their marketing collateral anyway, this may give them the perfect way to justify the spend.

Until next time,
Patrick T. Whelan
Heidi Tolliver-Nigro

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