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Carve Out Your Competitive Advantage in 2019

In every field, extraordinary benefits go to those seen as being in the top five percent.      (Seth Godin) Create a competitive advantage for your sales staff by taking a proactive approach to branding and marketing. Your brand is what the customer perceives it to be. Be an early adopter. Informed Delivery from USPS offers marketers some great opportunities. Be … Read More »

3 Simple Ways to Grow Print Sales in 2019

Commit to growth in 2019! In many cases, this also requires a commitment to being a change agent. The following are three things to consider as you plan for a successful 2019: Have a marketing plan. Your brand needs to be in the right channel, at the right time, with the right message. A 90-day quick plan is easy to create, execute, and evaluate. Get through Q1 and … Read More »