QR Code Me!

QR codes are being talked about everywhere. When should you use them? What can you put them on? How well do they work?

Or how about wearing one? Seriously, people are doing it.

QR codes on clothing used to be a way for college kids to direct people to their Facebook pages. Today, QR codes are morphing into traveling business cards. Consider the emergence of a company called iD Shirt. Their website lets you choose what you want to put on a shirt – your business or personal contacts; a link to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, Twitter ID, or other URL – and simply hit “generate code.” You can then use the code yourself or have it printed on a t-shirt. You instantly become a mobile billboard!

To unlock the code and add contacts or view the content, someone just scans it with an app-equipped mobile phone. Their phone accesses the content and your contacts are automatically transferred to it. Check it out at http://www.idshirt.net/.

I’m tempted to purchase one and wear it around just to see how many people will scan it. It may seem a bit weird, walking up to someone and taking a picture of their shirt, but the wearer is a walking invitation after all.

The point here is the extent to which QR codes are beginning to integrate into our culture. From billboards to business cards, from student t-shirts to corporate trade show attire. Magazines, direct mail, coffee cups, restaurant menus, and college textbooks. Just look around; QR codes are everywhere — maybe even on you.


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