Carve Out Your Competitive Advantage in 2019

In every field, extraordinary benefits go to those seen as being in the top five percent.      (Seth Godin)

Create a competitive advantage for your sales staff by taking a proactive approach to branding and marketing. Your brand is what the customer perceives it to be.

  • Be an early adopter. Informed Delivery from USPS offers marketers some great opportunities. Be among the first to educate clients and prospects about it.
  • Marketing today is about providing value as opposed to asking for something.
  • 67% of prospective customers check you out online first. Lack of any content is bad enough, but lack of updated content is even worse.
  • Blog content has a life expectancy of 2 years. YouTube and LinkedIn are 20 days and 24 hours, respectively.
  • Know MeTrust MeLike Me. Top of mind and great content will take care of the first two, but you need a social media presence to cover the third.

An updated “10 Marketing Ideas for 2019” is now available! Just send me an email and I’ll forward you a copy.

About Patrick Whelan

Patrick Whelan is President of Great Reach Communications Inc, the leading provider of high quality customer engagement newsletter programs for the printing industry. Patrick has spent the last 17 years providing marketing programs and advice to over 400 print providers throughout North America.

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