“Within moments of sending our most recent email marketing campaign with tips for direct mail, we received the following response from a customer: “YES,YES, YES, we need new ideas for direct mail. In fact, I would love to talk to you about updating and/or creating better marketing pieces.” That response speaks to the timeliness and relevance of the messages you help us deliver. Our multi-channel communications program that you helped us develop is so effective. We feel we are now covering all our bases, making as many touches as possible on a consistent basis. The responses we receive from our email and direct mail campaigns are indicative of the usefulness of the business content. Thank you so much!”

Florence Luranc

dc_logo“I’ve been pursuing an ad agency in Orange County for years.He calls me today and tells me the content of my monthly emails is great stuff. I’m getting an opportunity to work with him and he has good work for us.”

John Hodgman
President, Direct Connection Marketing Communications

abbott_logo“Everyone loves the graphics/colors of the Marketing Advisor and all the articles are timely and relevant. Keep up the great work!”

Dave Abbott
Abbott Communications Group


ag_logo“You have a terrific product and well-thought communication program. I can’t thank you enough for making this so easy and providing such a quality piece!”

Maureen Gonzales

duke_logo“You have truly done a wonderful job of assisting us in our marketing efforts this past year. Your product offerings are really hitting the mark for us. Thanks for everything.”

Daniel E. Ellashek
Director of Marketing, DUKE

bpi_logo“We’re perfectly capable of writing and designing our own marketing materials. But before subscribing to your service, we simply would put that on the back burner. Now we not only receive plaudits for the quality of the content, but the consistency of it too. One customer went from $2,500 to $50,000 this last year
after receiving the Hot Chili Pepper post card.”

Alan Davis
President, BPI Media Group

ttms_logo“I just wanted to let you know how well the program is working for us. Great feedback from our customers and prospects – ‘high quality,’ ‘relevant content.’ We are seeing new quoting activity from prospects on our list – it’s all about results!”

Jim Capanna
Director of Business Development, TTMS