Print Sales: Common Complaints from the Trenches

Below are the three most common issues that I hear about from print providers:

  • The decline of customer loyalty
  • Difficulty securing meetings/face time with buyers
  • Dissatisfaction with sales growth

Selling print has changed. Companies need to adjust their selling process.

  • 70-80% of the sales process is complete before the customer makes contact.
  • Customers have instant access to information. Vetting new vendors is easy.
  • The customer is now in control. They decide when and where they get their info.

Effective selling now requires your company to be in the right channel, at the right time, with the right information. Support sales by generating top-of-mind awareness and trust for your services. Engage with eye-catching print materials, be in their inbox and stand out with customer-centric website content.

Most providers lack in-house resources to achieve this. I provide printers with a practical, easy, and highly effective solution to these challenges. For a fraction of what it would cost them to do in-house.

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About Patrick Whelan

Patrick Whelan is President of Great Reach Communications Inc, the leading provider of high quality customer engagement newsletter programs for the printing industry. Patrick has spent the last 17 years providing marketing programs and advice to over 400 print providers throughout North America.

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