On Marketing Print and Direct Mail Services

Supporting your sales staff in marketing efforts is the best way to increase sales effectiveness.

Print or email? 

My advice is to utilize both. Cross-media. But if you  use one, consider the fact that even the best-designed email newsletters fall prey to spam filters. Print newsletters have a higher perceived value than email versions and are a great leave behind. As opposed to sales collateral, which we inherently don’t trust, a print newsletter with thought leadership content differentiates your company. On the other hand, if you have limited financial resources, an email newsletter is much less costly to produce and distribute.

80/20 rule.

Your content should be 80% educational and 20% promotional. If your content is relevant to the services you offer, then it’s promotional without being promotional.

It’s about them, not you.

Your content should be more focused on providing your audience with useful information and less about the goings-on at your company. However, some company news can be beneficial to your marketing effort. Community service, milestones, new services launches, etc. is excellent for engagement and branding. Just try to strike the proper balance.

How relevant is your content?

Don’t waste your time and money sending out jokes, recipes, and generic content that has no direct relevance to the services your company provides. You make it easier for your brand to blend in and become part of the noise. People will tune you out. The key is to stand out from your competition by promoting thought leadership, competency, and trust. Your content needs to be better than your competitors.

Staying top of mind matters.

Quality of interactions matters but so does quantity. Reach out and engage often. How often can you get a newsletter out the door? If it’s only email, it should be monthly. No less than bi-monthly. However, if you opt for print only or print and email, then consider if you can produce a print piece quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Be realistic. At a minimum, you need to touch your audience every 90 days. Strong marketers tighten that to every 30 days.

Word counts.

The trend is towards shorter content. Newsletter articles should be under 500 words (maximum, shoot for 400). Email fewer than 375.  Bulleted and numerical blocks of content are the most engaging. We refer to this style as listicles.

Page counts.

The newsletters themselves can be a single article (2 page) or multiple (16 pages). That’s something to consider when you determine your frequency. If you are only engaging your audience four times a year, consider a multiple article format with a magazine look and feel so that it sticks around longer. If it were bi-monthly or monthly, a two-page format might be more realistic.

Beware of the committee approach.

As a print marketer once said, “the act of trying to create the perfect piece often ends up being the reason for doing nothing.”

The more you stay in front of someone, the more likely they are to do business with you.  That’s a long proven fact.  Know me, trust me, like me. That is your marketing objective.

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