5 Quick Things Printers Should Know About Content Marketing

1. Create content with your customers’ needs in mind rather than the needs of SEO, your company newsletter or social media. Too many companies are misdirecting their focus. If it doesn’t present strong value to your customers, then it’s not going to help you with the other areas either.

2. The tyranny of the content calendar/editorial deadline is most often the reason for non-engaging content. Only produce content when you have something really meaningful to share. Your clients should look forward to your communications and value them. If not, you’re just creating marketing noise that your audience will tune out.

3. SEO is overrated. Okay, that’s a little subjective but unless you’re an online printer, it’s true. Consider that most people will enter qualifying information into their search in order to get the most relevant results. This includes the printer’s name and a geographic qualifier. Bottom line, focus on creating mind share. The average person will recall 3-5 brands per category. Get your brand in there and stay there. If you focus on these efforts, your SEO will come naturally.

4. Your content should be mobile “friendly” which sounds a lot simpler than “optimized,” and it’s pretty simple to implement. There are free WordPress plug-ins that can help you achieve this, as well as email services (such as ours) that optimize your e-newsletters automatically, and tools like iflymobi.com.

5. The most important thing you can achieve with your content is to promote your brand as a thought leader and trusted resource for the services you provide. Your brand is what people perceive it to be, and the quality and value of your content will have a strong influence on that perception.

About Patrick Whelan

Patrick Whelan is President of Great Reach Communications Inc, the leading provider of high quality customer engagement newsletter programs for the printing industry. Patrick has spent the last 17 years providing marketing programs and advice to over 400 print providers throughout North America.

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