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Differentiate and Prosper!

Patrick Whelan - pat@greatreachinc.comAt a time when competitive advantage can be elusive, brand differentiation should be the primary goal for printers, mailers and marketers. Many companies, however, miss the mark in their attempts:

  • Replicating what your competitors are doing is not differentiating. A quick look at your website and marketing collateral may confirm this.
  • Pushing sales people to be order closers is the wrong strategy. Being a great listener and having the ability to communicate are the most important sales skills.
  • Emphasizing a product rather than a solution is misdirecting your effort. Engage customers about their business and its challenges. Stay focused on their needs, rather than simply selling your products.
  • Promoting your company with generic pitches can be worse than doing nothing. Begin a conversation and keep it going with highly relevant marketing content.

These tips will help keep the focus on differentiating your brand and ultimately drive sales. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact me anytime.

4 Reasons to Use Customer Communications

The following was excerpted from an article by Customer Communications Group.

Why use customer communications?
Customer communications CAN impact your bottom line. The case to use customer communications mirrors in many ways the case to invest in relationship marketing. A customer communications strategy may be for you if your objectives are to:

  • Enhance your relationships with your customers
  • Upsell and cross-sell products and services
  • Retain customers (especially the best customers)
  • Build loyalty and advocacy among customers

Build Credibility
Newsletters allow you to build your company’s credibility as an expert by providing customers with educative information.

Convey Information
Got a lot to say? Have plenty of information to share? Customer communications work well if you need to convey complex information about your products or services on an ongoing basis.

Break Through the Clutter
Customer communications can be an excellent tool to break through junk-mail clutter. If it offers valuable information to the customer, rather than just trying to sell products, a newsletter can become something that the customer anticipates, especially when sent frequently and regularly.

Deciding Whether to Seek Help or Go Out of House.
Don’t have the resources in-house? Consider taking your project to an agency. Being consistent if the key.

Published by Customer Communications Group, Inc., a full-service agency specializing in relationship marketing and customer communications. Copyright 2012 Customer Communications Group, Inc.