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Marketing Your Company: 3 Things to Consider

  • When it comes to promoting your company, if you say “I don’t have the time” or “we’re too busy,” what you’re really saying is, “I choose not to make this a priority.” Lots of active managers and busy companies also find the time to consistently execute marketing plans. Don’t think it, don’t wish it – just do it!
  • Social media can play a big role in client acquisition, retention and loyalty. Every interaction with your audience is an opportunity to build trust and credibility. Frequency and relevance are keys to the success of any social media strategy.
  • The one thing you can count on with search engines is that they will change. Traditional SEO efforts that focus on keyword rankings and links are less effective than they once were. If you haven’t already, build your site around a content management system or blogging software. Many of these, such as WordPress, are free. For more on website content and SEO, read this:

Executing effective outbound, inbound and social media marketing strategies is easy and inexpensive. It just takes a commitment to make it happen.

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10 Musings on Marketing

  • Well perceived brands command a price premium of nearly 9% over brands perceived as just average.
  • The most popular way to lose a customer is to lose touch with him or her. Industry-specific data indicates that 60% of customer loss is due to lack of communication.
  • Irrelevant communications contribute to customer defection and alienation.
  • The cost of implementing an effective marketing program is trivial compared to the cost of not implementing one.
  • Taking a committee approach to marketing often ends in failure. A group of people agreeing to disagree combined with diluted accountability rarely if every produces a positive result.
  • “My many years in the printing industry have taught me that the pursuit of trying to craft the perfect marketing piece often ends up being the reason for doing nothing”. – G. Jacobs.
  • The average person is only capable of retaining 3-5 brands per category in their memory. If you want to introduce your company into someone’s consideration, you need to push another company out of consideration. Repetition is fundamental to success.
  • The abandon rate for social media is VERY high. Beware of creating marketing graveyards.
  • Whether or not you’re marketing to your customers, you can be assured that your competitors are.
  • People will give business to companies they want to give it to and then after awarding the job, find ways to justify the decision. Price is often an excuse rather than a reason.