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My Top 10 Musings on Marketing

  • The most popular way to lose a customer is to lose touch with him or her. Industry-specific data indicates that 60% of customer loss is due to lack of communication.
  • Whether or not you’re marketing to your customers, you can be assured that your competitors are.
  • The average person is only capable of retaining 3-5 brands per category in their memory. If you want to introduce your company into someone’s consideration, you need to push another company out of consideration. Repetition is fundamental to success.
  • The abandon rate for social media is VERY high. Beware of creating marketing graveyards. Ask me about my 3 for 3 approach.
  • Taking a committee approach to marketing often ends in failure. A group of people agreeing to disagree combined with diluted accountability rarely if every produces a positive result.
  • The cost of implementing an effective marketing program is trivial compared to the cost of not implementing one.
  • Don’t discount “little things” like birthday cards and notes of appreciation. Most sales relationships are more influenced by emotions than pricing.
  • People will give business to companies they want to give it to and then after awarding the job, find ways to justify the decision. Price is often an excuse rather than a reason.
  • Well perceived brands command a price premium of nearly 9% over brands perceived as just average.
  • Irrelevant communications contribute to customer defection and alienation. Avoid giving your brand a black eye.

Ask about our comprehensive, easy to implement marketing programs. Outbound, inbound, and social media marketing. We’ve got it all covered!

The Next Level Group Launching Additional CEO Group in May

I would encourage any owner of a printing company today to consider joining a peer group simply because businesses whose owners belong to a peer group have consistently outperformed non-members. The reasoning is that these owners have the ability to:

  • Discuss business challenges in a safe, non-competitive environment.
  • Share and garner ideas and best practices among peers.
  • Create a more focused and strategic approach towards managing their business.
  • Add a higher level of accountability which invariably leads to stronger business performance.

The Next Level Group in particular is an industry leader in this arena and is currently in the process of forming an additional group in May.

What makes them different is that they are facilitated by two successful print executives that “have walked in your shoes” starting operations and managing them for over two decades while building them into multi-million dollar organizations.

Their peer group members are reaping the benefits with:

  • Over half the members showing sales growth last year.
  • More importantly, over 80% showing increased profitability.

There is an interview process to help ascertain if this may be a good fit for you and for them. It also is a “low risk” proposition because if either side doesn’t think it’s a good fit after four meetings, your meeting fees will be refunded.

I would encourage you to check them out at– to find out more about The Next Level Group, the facilitators and what their members have to say about the peer group experience.